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Petstools are not only stools or footstools, but delightfully cozy companions enhanced with new aspects. You can put your feet up... or plunge them into the soft material to warm them. They are true eye-catchers and can add a humorous and playful contrast to more conventionally furnished living spaces or turn the kid's room into a pet-zoo.

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The desire to relax at home, to cuddle up on the couch and put your feet up serves as a constant inspiration for the designs of Hanna Emelie Ernsting.

With petstools she transforms the purely functional, everyday footstool into a delightfully cozy companion enhanced with new aspects. You can put your feet up…or plunge them into the soft material to warm them. Pets are true eye-catchers and can add a humorous and playful contrast to more conventionally furnished living spaces.

With few details enhancing the minimalistic shapes, Pets evoke associations with animals and irresistibly invite you to “pet” them and be amused. The many different animal forms offer creative combination possibilities and will spark the collector’s passion.







The soft, thick and cuddly fabric of the petstools is knitted and mainly made of wool. The textile collection is designed, developed and produced by a traditional wool weaving factory in the Netherlands. The manufacturer produces high quality fabrics for well-known upscale furniture companies.

General maintenance:

To keep the fabric as clean as possible make sure the upholstery is being cleaned regularly, by vacuum cleaning or shaking it gently. When stains occur, act as quickly as possible to minimize the damage. Remove liquid stains by carefully dabbing with a clean cloth.

Do not rub. If necessary you can treat the stain with soapy water.

Washing fabric:

The top cover of the petstool is removable. Carefully undo the velcro and take off the cover to wash - you can hand-wash the fabric, shake after washing, dry flat.






       360,- Euro

         Price incl. VAT,
         standard shipping within Germany is free of charge
         (worldwide shipping possible)


Your order will be delivered by DPD within 2-30 days (in Germany), depending on if the requested petstool is on stock.

You will receive a tracking-number as soon as the parcel is sent.

For the delivery outside of Germany there may be extra costs, which we will let you know and ask you to confirm.


It can be paid in advance or cash on delivery – Please let us know what you prefer in your order-mail.


Simply send an email to


Please let us know:
- which petstool you want to have
- preferred way of payment
- your delivery and billing address

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